We are dedicated to providing you with environmentally friendly products which will serve your protection needs while considering your health, comfort and privacy. 

Besties underwear allows you the option to dispose of them after each use or reuse them as long as you desire. Replacement filling will be available to purchase separately.

While you are traveling, you can remove the inserts with the glove and place them into the biodegradable bag and replace the insert in less than a minute. You can either throw the bag away in the trash, or keep it in the closed bag until you are ready to launder them. It may be a good idea to allow them to soak in cold water in the bag which will make it easier to launder them. You can either wash them by hand in cold water or wash and dry them in the gentle cycle with cold water. After you have laundered them, you will need to replace the inserts with clean or new inserts.

To replace the inserts: Since each person's needs are different, we have come up with a way for you have the flexibility to choose which materials are going to work best for you. Cotton batting #1 will always be placed as the bottom layer. Depending on whether you need light protection or heavy protection there are different materials to select. If you don't want to wash and re-use the material, cotton batting #2 will be thrown away after each use.That's all there is to it! It may seem a little tricky to get the inserts into the pouch, but with patience and practice, it will be a piece of cake. Just place batting #1 in the pouch and spread it out to fill the bottom of the pouch area. Terrycloth will be inserted the same way and so will the foam. Cotton batting #2 when used will be placed on top and pulled out of the ball of material and stretched onto the other inserts. Use as much or as little as you like. Batting #2 can easily be removed after accidents and replaced on the go or if you don't have a travel pack with you, remove it and the other layers should still be dry so you can remain comfortable. These inserts do have to be checked periodically during menstrual use but the testing showed favorable results even for heavy periods with the use of the foam. Adding batting #2 for heavy periods will give greater peace of mind that there will be no leakage.

 The built-in pouch shifts when the body shifts preventing shifting of the material which prevents leakage. The pouch holds the moisture away from the body which leaves the area drier which is healthier for the person wearing them.

Disclaimer: This product was designed for periods, but can also be useful for mild to moderate incontinence. It is difficult to determine how much liquid the product can hold for incontinence purposes, but is limited because it is an underwear product. Depending on how much batting #2 is used, along with the sponge, it will be able to hold more and the batting can retain most of the liquid and then be disposed of; while the sponge can be washed by hand and reused after it dries, if it gets wet. If the person using it has had a lot to drink, it is recommended you use a different source of release as well (such as a cup} while traveling to handle the excess if it is impossible to use a restroom. The batting #2 can easily be replaced and so can the sponge if necessary to remain dry after soiling. A glove and bag are provided with each pair to either dispose of the batting or retain the sponge or other material being used. The gloves can also be purchased at any medical supply store to keep them on hand.

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