Protection you can rely on!!! Proudly made in the USA!!!

There are currently 4 materials to choose from depending on the type of protection you need. Most of the materials can be washed and reused for those who wish to do so. The cotton batting #2 is meant to be thrown away after each use for those who don't care to reuse the materials.

Cotton batting #1 is meant to be the first layer at all times. This material will hold the moisture in the pouch from the bottom. You can use as many layers of this material that you desire. It is meant to work with one layer, but you may want to experiment with more layers for moderate incontinence or heavy menstrual flow.***** I can't stress enough how important it is to make sure you always have this layer included at all times to avoid ruining good clothes. *****

Terry cloth can be used as a second layer for those with mild incontinence or a very light menstrual flow or just extra daily protection from spotting.

Foam can also be used as a second layer for those with mild to moderate incontinence or a light to heavy menstrual flow.

Replacement materials and or panties can be easily carried for emergency replacement if necessary.

Travel packs will be available which will include a biodegradable bag, a glove and cotton batting #2 if replacement is needed on the go.

Cotton batting #2 can be added for extra protection as a second or third layer. The second layer can be used for any protection when you want to toss the contents into a bag and dispose of after use and also as a third layer for a heavy menstrual flow or moderate incontinence which can be disposed of and replaced in transit if necessary. The great thing about this batting is if you have an accident on the go, you can remove the top layer of batting only, dispose of it and the rest of the layers are dry. So if you don't have more material to replace it with, you'll still be comfortably dry.