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Designed with the environment and you in mind.  Available for men, women and children. Intimate apparel for extra protection so soft and well constructed and the best part is, you get to decide what type of protection you want and need and whether you prefer to wash and reuse the inserts or prefer to throw them away after each use or even whether you prefer to mix and match...the possibilities are endless.

 If you need them for menstruation, incontinence, or while potty training children, they are better for the environment because the materials will break down so they won't add to the current landfill issues. What makes my product better than the rest? My product is the only one that holds the moisture away from the body preventing bacteria buildup.

The apparel is a bamboo/cotton blend which is extremely soft yet durable so they are comfortable to wear.

The inserts are sold separately and can be found on the accessories page.

We are selling shoes now too. Don't forget to check them out!

Many of you don't know that incontinence is caused from citric acid and caffeine. If you avoid these products or at least minimize your use, it will be very helpful to you. Try to avoid pharmaceuticals and stop your use of caffeine and citric acid instead.



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